A Touch of Class

Every person deserves to experience a touch of class. These places are found in your city. This place can be a seven star hotel with highest quality of service and the epitome of sophistication. Fine dining in the best restaurants offers food of the highest quality, primary service and classy and sophisticated atmosphere woven to create the perfect experience. Higher price does not matter since you are paying to enjoy and enjoyment does not have a price.

Reasons why you want to go to these places

  1. Spend time for yourself and make this wonderful moment to dream. It will melt down those stresses so you will be revitalized from your everyday stresses and problems.
  1. Take a romantic getaway from home and work. A day or two would not matter leaving your obligations. The hours run fast so make the most of every moment.
  1. Enjoy your privacy in a private un-drenched rooftop of a terrace with a cold drink in your and chair reserved exclusively for you.

Spend time in the best places

Where? If you want to spend time in the best place, opt to go to LUXURY CASTLE SUITE. This is the place next to heaven that you can reach. Book a flight to Montreal and take the best tour of a lifetime.

What is in store?

The Castle

Live in a castle even for a day. Feel like the queen at home at places where royalty in Montreal used to socialize. The Castle is the epitome of luxury reflecting the highest standards of comfort. Be like royalty viewing Saint Lawrence River. This is one of the first class facilities and exceptional service for an unforgettable stay.

The Castle Suite

The Castle Suite is uniquely designed but feels contemporary and comfortable. If your next tours are in places like Jacques-Cartier, museums, bars, restaurants…, you do not need a ride. The Castle Suite is your very own secret haven, you will want stay forever. For your luxurious private getaway, Castle Suite is the place.

The Mansion

The Mansion is just the right venue for few friends’ camaraderie in the midst of luxury. Yu will be ready for a memorial &experience that will revitalize your body and mind. If you are looking to luxuriate in privacy, then The Mansion is for you.

Meet the Chef

More good things to share in this wonderland are the tantalizing dishes prepared by Chef John Zoumis. His meals are delicious as incomparable to other fine dining. . It is a nice feeling to be able to experience a service that has the same spirit of quality in gourmet restaurants. An evening with friends is like a magic in an enchanting land in the nicest places and eating the most delicious meal. To add more memories to this evening with friends, cocktail is served and an exceptional touch is added to your receptions on The Castle. Your most beautiful gift which you can offer to your guests Chef John Zoumis is the most beautiful gift which you can offer to your guests is that Chef John Zoumis will prepare some special dishes in front of your guests.

Time waits for no man –

Plan the trip, book a flight for Montreal and visit Luxury Castle Suite.

Contact Address: 452/452A Notre-Dame Est Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2Y1C8 Website address: www.chateauvieuxmontreal.com

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